Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reefer Madness

Our lovely house in the Sacramento area, where we bought our last refrigerator.

Finding ourselves in need of a little more cooling and freezing space, we recently replaced our 17 year old refrigerator. In the midst of our looking and switching out and all that, Diane reminded me of this:

A few years ago (it was nearly 6 years ago now) a call came in to the local emergency services/911 dispatch. What was the big emergency? A refrigerator was left in an abandoned lot. Not only that, but the doors were still on it! With nothing to keep them closed.

When this was made known to my coworkers, many of them had no idea why this would be a problem. Apparently, this is only something we old timers know about.

Have you ever been warned of the dangers of a refrigerator in an abandoned lot?

In other news, we do have a fully functional Maytag for sale. Cheap.

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