Saturday, April 8, 2017

Just walk away

This morning, Ethan and I went to hear a "missionary" at the local Church talk about some of his experiences here and there. One of his stories included telling about a trip to Togo, where his hosts thought nothing of inviting him to join them for a 30 kilometer walk to a neighboring village full of voodoo practitioners.

He managed to find a bus to take them all, but it struck me that we don't always get that much walking in around here.

With this in mind, the two of us struck out on the two mile walk back to our house.

On the journey, we discovered a City water worker, who was happy to tell us about what was going on with the water lines, how they worked and why he was doing what he was doing. We also saw a Jiffy Lube guy working hard to keep high spirits as he tried to attract some customers. Closer to our house, we came across some very unusually contorted cholla cactus plants, and then we spied a hawk, silently watching us from the neighbors towering Cottonwood tree.

I'm pretty sure we would have missed all of this if we hadn't walked.  I wonder what else we miss as we rush around in our cars and don't really walk anywhere anymore? Even on a Saturday.

The picture above is something else that I once found on a walkabout. I'm pretty sure it's from a buck toothed dinosaur. And here are a couple more things I've seen while out on a walk (I might have just convinced you to stay in your car):

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