Sunday, March 14, 2010


I asked Emily to give me a random topic to blog about as a writing exercise for me and she suggested bananas, so here are some random facts about bananas:

Our friends from the Philippines told us that Bananas have much better flavor in the Philippines due to the greater variety. The ones we get at the store in the U.S. seemed terribly bland to them.

Bananasare mostly sugar, but since it is natural sugar and has plenty of other benefits, they are a much better source of energy than Dr. Pepper, which tastes better than Bananas.

Bananas have trptophan in them, which help your body produce seratonin, which makes you happy.

Bananas are high in Iron, which is supposed to be good for you.

I like to add Bananas to my cereal to sweeten it up. Although I don't really eat much cereal.

Bananas nourish the probiotic bacteria in your belly, which aids digestion and all that sort of thing.

Bananas are high in potassium, which is said to benefit blood pressure, heartbeat regularity and your bodies water balance.

My Mother used to use Bananas to make banana bread, adding in some walnuts. Diane makes banana bread too, but she substitutes chocolate chips for the walnuts.

Since they have no fat, are easy to digest and are tasty, Bananas are a good early food for babies.

I have heard that rubbing the peel from some Bananas on a mosquito bite helps reduce the swelling and itching. I could have used some the time I tromped through the swamp near the river on that youth group outing with the Methodist Church.

Bananas are yellow. I am obviously running out of things to say about Bananas. They really aren't even all yellow. Just the bland ones we get in our grocery store.

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