Sunday, March 28, 2010

Marginal Divide.

Every good book you read has some margins along the outside. This gives the words a chance to be centered, leaves some room for thoughts and reflections and gives the pages a well needed break. Our lives, in order to be centered, need room in the margins. We need some time for thoughts and reflections, we need breaks from time to time. But, we seem to think that we need to cram those margins full of every activity we can squeeze in.

I think that being involved with a Church, a good one, is one of the best things you can do with your lives. But, with our cultural bent of being oh-so-busy, sometimes a Church can add to the propensity for us to live with no margins.
This post is not a criticism for outsiders to say that is why I am an outsider. It is more of something for the insiders to think about.

I have seen Churches on so many occasions, out of a desire to have some great stuff happen, try to invite all the same people to be involved in a myriad of activities. Instead of being gatherings that center us, the activities often become another add on, as in we have to take our kids to soccer, baseball practice, the science fair, oh yeah, lets throw in the Wednesday night religious thing so they can be a little bit spiritual too. Or I am watching my favorite program Tuesday night, I have to run to a meeting on Wednesday, on Thursday I play racquetball, they want me for a thing at the Church on Monday, etc.

On Sunday mornings, we often hear the cry from different factions in the Church pleading for us to be a part of their particular activity. Please add us on to your already busy schedule. It's good for you.

I think our churches should be a vital part of our life. But, they should be a vital part that teaches us to say no to the lifestyles that we think are so beneficial and to say yes to learning how to live with purpose and passion. How can they build our integrity instead of contributing to dividing our lives?

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