Monday, March 8, 2010

Here's our Community in Action

Last week, I saw a good example of how we have come to view community and a better example of how community should work.

A little old lady (seriously, about eighty years old) was driving her disabled brother, who lives in a care home and can barely walk, when her car stopped working. She was understandably upset, as she was a good distance from her destination with no way to get there as the day grew warmer.

Some helpful people passing by decided to call the cops. That's what we pay them for, right? To make sure we can help people. So, the local Sheriff's Deputy came and called a tow truck and the dealership for this lady that didn't have a phone. It was surprisingly easy to rescue her and help her on her way. I was wondering why someone didn't just try to help these people themselves, instead of just calling the cops. Thanks everyone for helping out the little old lady.

In another part of town, a local horse was running up and down a busy road being chased by dogs and scared witless. A helpful passerby, maybe the same one that called for the old lady, called the cops.

By the time the local Sheriff's Deputy had arrived, neighbors had already corralled the horse, even putting themselves in danger of the bucking beasts hooves. One helpful man even had the fog light kicked out of his truck as he tried to calm the animal.

Another neighbor got his personal horse trailer while others brought the thing some water and went and searched for the owners. At the end of the day, the cops didn't really need to be there because other people made sure that their community was taken care of and that the horse got home safely.

When it comes to your neighbors and your community, are you a cop caller or are you willing to take a risk, grab the reins and help out a little bit?

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