Wednesday, September 22, 2010


One of my side jobs at work is to help teach driving skills. Yesterday, I was out teaching evasive techniques to some of the new guys. The drill involved getting up to speed and then waiting for a light to tell you which of three lanes to turn into with your car.

One of the guys in the drill kept clipping the inside cone, regardless of which lane he was taking. I jumped in with him to demonstrate. While I was whipping through the cones, I asked him what he was looking at as he did the course. He explained that he was looking at the lights until they changed, then he was looking at the inside cone so he could try to go around it.

The one he was looking at was the very one he kept hitting.

I told him to focus on the big open lane, not the corner cone as he was driving through the course. After he started doing this, he made it through every time. It seems that if we continue to focus on something, even if it is the something we are trying to avoid, we end up hitting that something nearly every time.

Oh, I also got to do j-turns, powerslides and ride the quads. Feel free to be envious.

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