Thursday, May 19, 2011

The end is Near.

When I was attending School in Dallas, one of my professors told us about his time in a Church he attended in New Zealand when he was young. At this Church, they were told, in no uncertain terms, that the worlds end was coming by the end of a certain day.

Knowing what the rest of the world did not, they gathered in their building and waited on the Lord to take them home. When midnight came and went, some of them became discouraged, until someone remembered that they originally found out about this from someone in another part of the world, so they only had to wait a few more hours until they were in the right time zone.

He told us this embarrassing story as a cautionary tale. While those of my faith do believe that the world will someday end and that God has made a place for those that want it, we also believe that we really can't know when all this will happen. Believers have been sure that the end was imminent since Jesus first said that he was coming back. We have also discovered that imminent could mean sooner.....or later. We just don't know.

But now, Harold Camping, the man who let the Church know that the end was coming in 1994, with his book 1994, has let us know he was wrong about that.

Not only was he wrong, but he has recently realized that the end is coming Saturday night. I plan on having a few friends over on Saturday night, so maybe we will all be called home together...if they stay late enough. Or if we are in the right time zone. Or if God feels bad enough for Harold Camping that he decides to come back on that day just to save him further embarrassment.

While i don't know for sure, my money is on probably not.

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