Saturday, May 28, 2011


Congrats to all those who graduated or had kids graduate this year! Awesome on you!

I went to hear the author, Richard Peck, talk a couple of years ago at the Festival of Books. He is a former school teacher and I thought, in recognition of school and all that, that I would put one of his quotes.

Here it is:
"When I began teaching, parents feared a phone call from the school. Today, the schools fear a phone call from the parents."

Ok, that wasn't much of an education friendly post, but at least those of you that graduated now have one more reason to be glad you did. Enjoy!

*Pictured is the High School I graduated from. Although it was some time ago, if you haven't congratulated me for graduating from High School yet, then now would be an appropriate time.


Nichole said...

Congratulations on your graduation! What an amazing accomplishment!

Michele Winkelmann said...

Congratulations! Didn't it feel great?!