Friday, June 3, 2011


Religion: Mankind's attempts to get closer to God (With the notable exception of one religion, which explains itself as being designed by God to show mankind that they could never be good enough, smart enough or, doggone it, likeable enough to get to God on their own.)

Religious: Someone who practices a particular religion.

More than once in the past few weeks, I have heard myself referred to as "religious". As in, "Isn't he that religious guy?", "Oh, I forgot, you are religious." and the like.

I have always recoiled at the word religious, because the word religion has always had negative connotations for me. It has always seemed to me to be a word that implies someone who adheres to a rigid set of behaviors because they feel that it will give them favor with God and give them a standing that is superior to other people.

Yes, I am a person that has a belief in God and it my beliefs do have an impact on my life and that I really do think is right and that many other belief systems are wrong (And most people I have ever met really do feel this way about their beliefs). Externally, the beliefs I have have affected the way I treat people, what I do with my time, my priorities, etc., etc.

But I do hope that my beliefs have not led me to the place where I even think that the things I do gives me an extra boost above everyone else with God while neglecting the things that are truly important to him. Like other people.

Even Jesus, when he walked among us, he spent a good deal of his time confronting, chastising and condemning those that were considered "religious".

So, while I have been labeled as "religious", I hope that I do not really fall into that category.

I guess I need to come up with some other term that people can use to label me.


Michele Winkelmann said...

How about faithful? You have faith in the existence of god and the word of god as presented to you in how to behave in every day situations and treat others with respect according to their humanity.

Jaime said...

Faithful might be a bit of a stretch.

El Cid said...

He is not kidding there.

Mercurial said...

You got anything better, El Cid?

Michele said...

man of faith? Man of hope? Man of conviction?

Am I even getting close to the target?