Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day of War

From time to time, I will get sent things (or sent to things) so that I can check them out and spread the word among those I know. The latest thing I was sent was the book Day of War by Cliff Graham.

I have long been intrigued by the biblical accounts of David's Mighty Men, his renowned warriors recorded in a couple of different Old Testament Books. Day of War is the first in a series that fictionalizes the accounts of these men.

Those familiar with the story of King David will also be familiar with names such as Benaiah, the warrior that killed a lion in a pit and a giant Egyptian warrior, Uriah, Joab, Saul, Jonathan and others. In the book, which focuses primarily on Benaiah, the story is told of the battles that these men faced.

But, this is not an account of historical events written in a dry, scholarly way or the typical feel-good-bible-based-christian-romance-novel. This is a gritty, bloody whirlwind tale of a man fighting with David out a desire to kill certain enemies and how he faces the tragedy of war, the life of warriors and the effects of his lifestyle on the rest of his life.

If you are not up for graphic battle scenes(complete with trampled unfortunates, pools of blood, collapsed lungs and the tactics, injuries and up close frenzied fighting of ancient warfare) and realistic look into the motivations of warriors, don't pick up this book. But, if you enjoy accounts of the actions and mindsets of professional men at arms and are at all intrigued by the legendary "Mighty Men", as they were called, then this book is worth a look.

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