Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We are fairly strict around here. One way we exercise that is by not letting our teenage daughters engage socially with every Tom, Creep and Hairy Creep that is interested in getting close to them.

A while back, prior to an upcoming vacation, one of the daughters wanted to engage in a little online social networking. Here is her plea:

"Are you ever going to talk to mom about me getting a Facebook page? It would be nice if I had one before we left, that way I could cross-country communicate with people while I'm gone. Here are some of the perks of me getting one:
  • I could tell everyone something at once
  • I wouldn't have to send everyone individual emails
  • I could make sure __________ talked to someone other than Casey James
  • I could communicate with people I haven't seen in years
  • If I had a FB, we could be friends. I wouldn't have to tell you all my whacked up stories, I could just tell ____________, __________, and ____________, etc on FB, whether or not they read is their choice. . .
Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to read and consider this most important letter. We hope you will reply soon. Hopeful Facebook Friend"

We relented.

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