Thursday, May 19, 2011

Local Turmoil

Here's an issue that may not matter much to you, unless you live here:

On the north side of Tanque Verde, just west of Sabino Canyon Road, ATT plans to put up a cell phone tower. They did the necessary process, holding the requisite meetings for all city residents within a certain radius and drawing up all the plans, etc.

No-one seemed too concerned, as only one local resident showed up at the October meeting and everyone is in favor of being able to talk on their cell phone. So, the process began to begin prepping the site for the tower.

The problem:
Indian Ridge, a neighborhood where we first lived when we moved into town, begins within a few feet of this proposed site. Since they are just across the line into the county, no-one in the neighborhood was informed of the meetings and didn't know about the pending fencing around the tower until it was nearly time to begin building.

Indian Ridge is, as a neighborhood, on the National Registry of Historic Places due to the unusual construction of the homes. The homes in this neighborhood are primarily adobe brick from the 50's and have interesting and unusual architectural features. Residents in this community are concerned, rightfully so, that plugging a cell phone tower in front of the entrance, instead of the pleasant mesquite trees, will change the face of the neighborhood.

Another concern is that the tower will block the view of residents trying to leave the neighborhood onto the busy city street. Another issue the city did not seem to consider when issuing the permits and making the plans to put this thing right there.

The neighborhood has recently discovered the plans and has been able to get some sort of a meeting going with City and County officials. I am curious to see what will happen. As I said, this issue may not matter to you much if you don't live in this neighborhood. But if you do live there......

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