Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Are there more kooks in small towns, or are they just easier to spot?

In 1995, I went to a small town in Arizona to take the helm for the first time as Pastor of a Church. Some of the most ridiculous antics involving people that I have ever seen happened during my tenure there and the time I spent on staff at another Church in the same town. I thought I would share some of those stories with you in the coming days.

Some of the the wild goings on include:

- How Pastor Stan got his "man crush" on Pastor Sean (not their real names).
This one has one of the Pastors screaming at the pizza lady and me riding all around town as he chased after his wife's extra-curricular lover.

- Why the Old Lady didn't need another Bible Study and what she said she needed instead.
This story includes why she thought Emily's hair looked better than all those "Mexican babies" and how I got back at their friends for secretly recording our conversations.

- The only bribe I was ever offered.
This includes the reason why the man abhors certain pastors and quacking like a duck from the back of the room where all the quilts and pillows were stacked.

Disclaimer: These notes are not intended to "bash" the Church or denigrate anyone in particular. I believe in people and I believe in the Church. They are going to be shared point out how far off base our "spirituality can get, both individually and corporately, when we are left to our own devices. And so you can have a little fun. These things really happened and most of them were really funny.


The picture is of the actual building of the 1st Church where I was the Pastor. Some other group has their sign on it in this picture, but it is now of historical significance.

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Anonymous said...

that is how i first meet you paster james lol !! of corse i was to young to know all that went on but glad i got yo meet you and your family love you guys