Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whirling Dervishes

We are off for a time in the land of Red Rocks and an odd blend of New Age and Old West, otherwise known as Sedona.

Since we are here, we decided to get all into the tourist thing and start our morning off with one of those guided hikes that the resort provides.

Another thing Sedona is known for is it's vortexes. I realize that the plural of vortex is vortices, but around here it is vortexes. If you don't know, a vortex is a place where all sorts of spiritual energy comes out of hell or something to infuse you with it's weird power and make you happy for a little while. It also helps you if you grind up gypsum weed and smoke it prior to your journey to the vortex.

Our hiking guide seems to have been a bit of a skeptic. He told us about how the vortexes, when they were identified, were all curiously placed. It seems that, among the group identifying where these anomolies were, was a rather heavy lady. Not a hiker at all. Strangely enough, all the vortexes were found to be close to roads and parking lots, even though they had been in place for thousands of years.

Actually, it is rather convenient. Especially if you are not much of a walker, but you still want all the benefits of a strange psychic journey.

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you about how we almost got Weird Cowboy Al fired after he told us about the 7 directions.

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