Thursday, August 18, 2011

You don't know me, but you make me so happy.

Music can have an odd effect on us.

When we first moved back to Tucson, I was at a meeting with a group of Church Planters (code for pastor guys who work to form up new Churches), when someone or something reminded me of the song Jenny Jenny/867-5309 by the band Tommy Tutone.

Since the meeting was going slow, and everyone tried it back in the 80's, I dialed up the number, 867-5309.

The message on the phone was something to the effect of, 'Hey you idiot. it is no longer the 80's and this is not Jenny. Try doing something else with your life and stop calling this number!"

The voice on the line was that of a young lady tho. I think it really may have been her.

The number, at least the one here, has sadly been disconnected. At least it was when I tried it the other day.

Try it in your area and let me know if she answers.

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