Friday, June 29, 2012

The Freedom Files, pt. 2

As Independence Day approaches, here are some good words from a speech by Samuel Adams:

Let us contemplate our forefathers and our posterity; and resolve to maintain the rights bequeathed to us from the former, for the sake of the latter.

Instead of sitting down satisfied with the efforts we have already made (which is the wish of the enemy) the necessity of the times, more than ever, calls for our utmost circumspection, deliberation, fortitude and perserverance.

Let us remember that if we suffer tamely a lawless attack upon our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom.

It is a very serious consideration, which should deeply impress our minds, that millions yet unborn may be the miserable sharers of the event.

Samuel Adams - 1771


And in case that was a little too much for you, here is a Samuel Adams' Guide to Beer.

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