Friday, June 15, 2012

Hoka Hey

Hoka Hey, I am ready! or Let's Go! is what some of my ancestors used to say
As they rushed into battle or picked up sticks for the dangerous games they would play.

But sometimes I feel like a racehorse, stuck behind the gates
ready to charge down the track, but held back, waiting for the gates to fling open and to hear the bells ringing.

Like I am in a waiting room
Staring at the colorless wall
hoping my name is the next one they call

 a soldier
itching to get in the fight
but facing an enemy that will not show his face.

When I hear the thunderous sounds of the guns
I will gladly run to them
and even if i do not survive the fight, it will be one to remember

And while I am in the waiting room
I will work
to make sure I am ready when they call my name and tell me my time has come

And I will continue to snort and paw the ground
raging against the gates that I know will open soon.

Hoka Hey! I am Ready! Lets Go!

1 comment:

Nichole said...

waiting stinks. thats all I got.
sending hugs and prayers.