Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Session

In my efforts to maintain the illusion that I am a gentleman and a scholar, here are the books I have been reading this month:

   A Warriors Heart: 
If you have caught the movie "The Fighter", with Marky Mark and Christian Bale, you will be familiar with Micky Ward and his boxing career. This is a gritty (meaning it has bad words in it), look at his life and career.

The Finishing School

Dick Couch wrote the book The Warrior Elite to document a Seal Class going through BUDS. This work documents the extensive training that follows BUDS before a SEAL can join the teams.


A detailed telling of the intelligence and operational efforts to locate and eliminate Bin Laden, beginning during the Clinton administration.

The follow up to Marcus Lutrell's book Lone Survivor. In this, he goes in to more depth about the the men who worked to rescue him (a number of whom died in the attempt) after his ordeal in Lone Survivor. He also details his return to combat and pays tribute to those who fought with him.

The Blood of Heroes
I have read pretty much everything I have been able to get my hands on about the Alamo, so it is no surprise that this book doesn't have too much that I haven't seen about the infamous battle itself. But, what it does have that is new is a good deal of interesting details about the people involved and events that led up to the battle, and the aftermath and it's effect on history.

And this one is next on the shelf. I'll have to let you know:


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