Saturday, August 18, 2012


It has been quiet on this page. But, I have an excuse. We just returned from a trip to San Diego and prior to that, we have been busy. Or rather, my wife Diane has been busy. I had a class for a couple of weeks, then I was sick.

But, here is some of what she did for the girls room:

-Moved everything out, with the girls help (I I think this may have been all they helped with).

- Added grounding wires to the electrical outlets, which included chopping holes in the walls to string the wiring.

- Re-finishing the walls.

- Caulking and filling in all the cracks, holes, openings, etc. in the walls. It is an old house and that room seemed to have plenty of them.

-Putting in flooring.


- Adding some decorative slat thingys to the ceiling.

-Putting in baseboard

- She is currently working on building some loft beds so the girls can sleep elevated and have desks underneath. They will also have more room to pile up useless junk.

So, we have been neglecting other areas of the house. Brush and bulky day is coming, so I need to go chop away at the jungle that the rains have given us. Maybe I should go do that.....

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