Thursday, August 9, 2012

As 1

I came across some info about the new "As 1" non-profit organization. Their idea is to renew the Church's interest as patrons of the arts.

 More specifically, here is what they say about that:

"For centuries, Christians were vibrant Patrons of the Arts.  The Church wanted the best artists of the day to tell their stories.  In return, these artists were rewarded with generous commissions. This partnership created some of the greatest art in human history – painting, sculpture, music and architecture – that elevated culture, inspired generations and defined Christianity in a positive light.
But along the way, we walked away from our hard-earned place as a Patron of the Arts. We abandoned our involvement in the creative process. Artists somehow became an enemy, and in turn, they began to portray our faith in a negative light. As a natural result, culture moved on without us.
As1 seeks to restore the church to its historically traditional role as a Patron of the Arts" 
 In any case, it is intriguing, if you are of the faith. If not, I am sure it will make you angry. 

Here is a little video if you wanna see more:

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