Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Common Sickness

Just last week, I heard of someone getting sick and I thought about what a fine specimen of health I must be, because I so rarely get ill.

It has been said that, "Pride goes before destruction,
    a haughty spirit before a fall." This seems to apply, since I started feeling the effects of some virus or the other on Saturday.

I figured I could burn it off, and went for a nice run in the afternoon. I definitely got warm enough, but I am not sure it helped. Neither did working an extra shift on Saturday night.

By Sunday afternoon, I was kind of a mess.

Since getting ill seems to be a common occurrence in most all of humanity, and since I have been mostly laying around wasting time, I will share some of the symptoms that I have had from this recent bout. They also seem to be symptoms that are common for me when I am sick. They may or may not be reflective of your own personal sick symptoms.

- I tend to get a bit delirious when I get a fever.
This time, having recently finished a book about Joe Gans, Boxing's first African American champion, I apparently had it on my mind. At the end of the book, it details how he dies from a prolonged fight with tuberculosis. While I was pretty sure I didn't have tuberculosis, I seriously entertained that Joe Gans had something to do with my being sick, and told my wife as much.

- I ridiculously lose weight.
While I am trying to maintain a healthy body and not be as overweight as I can tend to be, losing 5 pounds in 2 days is a little ridiculous. Especially when I am eating regularly and hydrating like crazy.

-I waste plenty of time.
Ergo, this blog and the time I spent watching 3 Bruce Willis movies. 
Ok, they were 12 Monkeys, The 5th Element and Tears of the Sun. The only good ones Netflix had streaming. They also have Die Hard 2, which is probably the worst of the Die Hard movies. Maybe I will be able to squeeze that one in sometime too.

- I don't exercise.
Some recommend you still exercise when you are sick. I already feel like dying, so it may not be a good idea. But, it makes me very sad. Not that I am super fit or anything, I just like to move around a little bit.
I plan on being much better tomorrow, so maybe I can do something.....
Of course, I also planned on being much better today.

I hope you don't get sick too. It does seem to be going around a bit.

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