Sunday, July 15, 2012

Remarkable Day

There always seems to be something going on on July 11th, the 192nd day of the year.

July 11th is the day I joined the Air force. It also marks the anniversary of the day I got out of the air Force, 20 years ago this year.

Early in the morning, following July 11th, four years ago, my father passed away while we were visiting. So I guess one could say that July 11th is the last day I got to spend with my Father. He was quite pleased to have all three of us brothers and our families together for dinner that very night.

This year the day passed considerably quieter. Up early for class and, after a brief time celebrating my separation from the Air Force, I went to bed, cause I was tired and had to get up early again the next day.

Here is a brief tribute to my Dad from someone who knew him. Some of the other links about him have disappeared.:

The Passing of a Warrior: Mike Allerton

 And here is a brief bio of Chuck Norris, who was in the same career field as I in the military:
 More than Military
Actor, Martial Arts Champion



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, James. A day and we will never forget.