Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer of Misery

My lovely lady has declared this to be the "Summer of Misery". No, we are not spending every weekend watching the movie or reading the Stephen King novel. And, in light of the challenges she is referring to, it might be more aptly named the summer of inconvenience, or the summer of a mindless mess in our living space.

What are these challenges? Well, they are primarily self-inflicted, done with a purpose and mostly faced by her, not I. She decided it was time to re-do the girls' room.

So, she grounded all the outlets, filled in all the holes she made in the wall to do this, spent hours caulking and putting up backer rod to fill in large gaps in between stuff (which could have been the reason for this a few years ago; it is an old house, after all), put down some primer, painted and is now working on painting the trim and other stuff. Next up is the faux flooring.

Since the girls have been displaced and we have been operating without a living room and a crowded dining area, she decided we may as well move on to our room next. That way, we can keep the living room and dining area full of stuff. And, we will have the added benefit of not having our room. Hence the name, "Summer of Misery".

So, for you locals that have not been invited to our house lately, this is why. You can still invite us to yours. We would certainly appreciate it. We might even need it.

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