Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I used to have.....

On Veteran's Day, I took a look at my shadow box from the military and took the picture posted on this page.

I compared all the ribbons, medals, janglies and stuff that I earned to the ribbons I currently wear on my uniform and I began to think about all the things I used to have and used to do.

I used to have 7 little ribbons, not I only have 3. And one of them you automatically wear, so I have only earned two of them.

At work, I used to have several employees that I was in charge of hiring and firing, sizeable budgets, marketing, etc. and I led weekly services with close to two hundred people. Now, I am in charge of myself, and that is about it.

We used to live in our favorite part of California and always had good friends that we had made hanging around our house or inviting us to theirs. Now we live in Tucson, and we have far few friends here.

So, I decided that it is not always the best thing to look at the successes of the past. It will either make you try to do things the exact same way you did then, or will make you wonder why you don't have those things anymore. The time and circumstances you are in now are different than the time and circumstances you had then. And so are the rewards, challenges and benefits.

For instance, I have found more time for my family in the past few years, and I have been able to work on being physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy. Among other good things in my life now, these are definitely worth something.

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