Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcoming the Stranger

Jesus said that when we welcome the stranger we are welcoming him (Matthew 25).

I have heard that Tucson will become the new home for about 700 refugees this year.

When I moved back to this city, I didn't know too many people. But, I had lived here before, Diane grew up here,I can read and speak the language and I was familiar with the stores, restaurants, customs and holidays.

The refugees that come here have an incredibly different experience.

I recently re-met Cherie(we first met her at Church in 1991 or 1992), the director of the Tucson Refugee Ministry. I learned from her that I could befriend an partner a refugee family. So, I contacted some friends and some of them graciously agreed to spend some time being a friend for a family that might be lost in our strange new world.

We meet our assigned family on Saturday for the very first time. I think we are all a little nervous and a little curious about what we will do with this family and how we will communicate with them. Our family is from the Congo and primarily speaks Swahili.

But, I think we will probably get as much out of getting to know them as they will from us.

If you are here in Tucson, be sure to check out the Tucson Refugee Ministry to find out a little more and see how you might be involved. Or you can join up with us.

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