Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dead Animals

I think their is some connection, but I am not sure what it is. - Oh, that sentence should have been my title -

I recently read a story about a doctor at a nursing home that was told by his staff about a cat they kept on the premises. The doctor was not a fan of cats, but a few were kept at this facility because it helped make the place feel more homey for the patients, many of whom were suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease.

The nurses began to tell him about one of the cats that would good to the bedside of the patients who were about to die and spend the final hours with them. The doctor, at first very sceptical, then began to notice that this really was a trend with this particular cat. He didn't know why the cat did it, but it seemed to be a comfort to both the family and the to the deceased as they left this life.

When my Grandfather passed away, two deer were running around in the yard. Yes, we lived in a town that had deer in the area, but they rarely ran into town. And no-one had ever seen them running around in Uncle Cliff's yard.

I went to a funeral this summer of a young girl that had been murdered. Sitting on a fence post watching the gathering mourners were two small birds. Were they there for the funeral too, or just wondering about the passing crowd.

Anyways, it could all be coincidence. Or......

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