Saturday, January 16, 2010

Take Your Pick

After the earthquake in Haiti, the response of our citizenry has been great, with many of us donating to organizations ready to help out and that already are helping out the people of this impoverished and now devastated area.

Some have even speculated on the reasons why this has occurred. Pat Robertson, famous for making statements that are easily ridiculed, has dived in with another one. He said that Haiti, long ago, signed a pact with the devil to get their freedom and have had nothing but trouble since then. This seemed to imply that the pact they signed with the devil caused the recent earthquake.

Danny Glover, famous for being in movies, was given some time to share his views with the media. He said that these sort of things will happen since we do things that are bad for the climate, such as not making in real progress at the recent Copenhagen climate change conference. So, if we would have made some sort of treaty, maybe the quake wouldn't have happened.

Here is CBN's response to all the hullabaloo about Pat Robertson.

Here is a clip entitled:

Danny Glover Blames Haiti Quake on Failure of Copenhagen Climate Summit

Here is part of the reason the quake was soo bad:

We live in a broken world that is full of hurt, heartache, pain and problems. And yes, even the Bible agrees that this came about because of man. But, it doesn't teach that people can fix it all.

The structures, to include the buildings and infrastructure, were woefully unprepared for anything of this magnitude.

And our response? Instead of assigning blame to a pact with the devil or to Mother Nature getting back at us, do what you can to help them out.

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