Monday, January 18, 2010

What ya gonna do when they.....

I am no fan of criminals. Criminals are those who prey on the rest of us, using up our time, money, resources, etc. to finance their lives. Some of them, in past times, did attain a notoriety that was enough to make them historically significant. Among these is John Dillinger.

The picture above depicts the arraignment of Russell Clark, Charles Makley, Harry Pierpont , John Dillinger, Opal Long and Mary Kinder after their capture in Tucson in January of 1934. Tucson celebrates this with the annual Dillinger Days, held this year on January 24th at the Hotel Congress and surrounding environs. the events include re-enactments, lectures, a tour of the courthouse where Dillinger was arraigned (and where I have sat for court on more than one occasion) and some outdoor entertainment.

The Fox Theater is even getting into the act, playing the new Public Enemies movie.

In any case, based on the previous times I have been, it is a fun way to spend your Saturday. Here are more details.

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