Thursday, January 14, 2010

Small Irritants

Recently, we were at a friends house when he told his wife in frustration, "You'd think by now you would have figured out the things I don't like and would not do them."

The rest of us thought this was the funniest thing we had heard all night, but he didn't understand the humor in it.

Diane and I will be celebrating our 18th year of marriage this year and we still seem to spend plenty of time not thinking of one another. At least I do. Here is one small example:

We keep both the olive oil and the honey on a high shelf in our kitchen cabinets. She can't reach either of them, which are both items that get somewhat frequent us, unless I they are put close to the front and the handle of the honey jar facing outwards. Since I have long old arms, I can shove them into the back, rearrange them, shift them around and whatever I need to. She has, on more then one occasional, had to remind me that I was not thinking of her.

I know it is a small thing, but small things can be reflections of larger things. And, if nothing else, they can irk someone off, making life a little less pleasant for all.

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