Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lost in Arizona

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service in Safford, AZ. I have discovered that many people have either never heard of Safford or have absolutely no idea where it might be located.

First of all, it is in Arizona. That is why it is called Safford, Arizona. Secondly, it was featured in the movie "Lost in America". There, that should refresh your memory.

Ok, I really don't expect that any of you have really seen the movie "Lost in America" any more than I expect that you know where to find Safford, so here is a brief idea of what happens in the movie, which may give you some insight into what Safford is like.

In the movie, the main character and his wife cash in everything they own, buy a Winnebago and decide to take to the road and find themselves, ala Easy Rider in a mobile home, escaping the grind of corporate America.

Stopping first in Las Vegas, the mrs. gambles away all their money and they find themselves, as someone in the movie says, "Just outside of hell." Looking up, they see the sign for Safford, AZ.

Not being able to find work, other than a job she takes at a local fast food joint, he goes to the DES building and is able to obtain a position as a crossing gaurd. After a day or two of this, they are ready to resume life in the grind of corporate America.

We lived in Safford for nearly four years.

But here is something interesting, the Church we went to for the memorial service yesterday used to be the D.E.S. building, the very one featured in the movie. My buddy Howard, that used to be the Pastor of this Church, was always proud of his metal govt. blue desk, since that desk was in the movie.

And another note of interest:
The house we had there, which was probably the coolest house we have lived in during our nearing 19 years of marriage, was totally trashed.

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