Friday, August 6, 2010

Not in the least

This is for the benefit of Diane, who has told me that she never wants to watch another zombie flick again. Although, she did watch Zombieland, and she said it reinforced why she did not watch zombie movies.

The last straw, really though, was when I convinced her to watch 28 Days Later. She asked, "Isn't that some kind of a zombie movie?"

"No, it's a thinker."

I am not sure how one would define a thinker, but seeing people mindlessly chase you down and try to eat you really makes you think, in my opinion.

Now I am trying to get her to watch "The Crazies" with me. I have already seen it, but I think it is worth another look. And, it is definitely not a "zombie" movie. Here are some reasons why:

- While the people of Ogden Marsh in Pierce County Iowa begin to mindlessly do dreadful harm to one another after being infected by a virus, they are not zombies. They are still alive and sentient, even though the virus is irreversibly eroding their minds and bodies and making them crazed killers.

- Zombies always drag their right leg behind them. None of "the crazies" in this movie drag body parts around because they are non-functional.

Ok, those are the only things I can think of that describes why they are not zombies, thus not rendering this movie a "zombie" movie. Unfortunately, all the elements that make a "zombie" movie unwatchable for Diane happen to be in this movie.

Also unfortunate is my decision to use the word rendering in a post describing a movie that contains so much slaughter.

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