Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hey Mom, I'm bored

I generally don't throw links to other people's articles on here. Hey, I am trying to showcase and clever and insightful I am. But, I have spoken before about how their is a tendency for us to fill in every little empty space in our lives crowding out any margins that might be there and leaving no room for some of the important things that are found in the unplanned empty spaces that we leave.

It seems so easy to crowd our kids into the same mindset, feeling as if they need to fill up every waking moment with mindless entertainment and pre-planned activity. Some of the important things that kids can find in the margins, like creativity, are not allowed to flourish.

In this article, the author talks about the importance of letting your kids be bored from time to time. If you've got them, slide over and give it a read. It is not too much longer than this was.

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