Sunday, May 27, 2012

At The Station

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of giving the message at The Station Church in Carlsbad. They are a new Church (I think last week of this week was week #12 of regular weekly meetings) and they meet in the Carlsbad Cultural Arts Center .

It is currently a small Church (maybe 100 people were around on Sunday), but it was a great place to be and I had a blast sharing with them. Diane says I am out of practice and need to get in some more, but I had fun and I think everyone was able to listen without too much pain.

My friend Andy Allen (you can't just call him Andy, it has to be Andy Allen) leads the worship team at this Church, and we got a chance to see him in action. After services, we spent some time at the beach in Oceanside, walking the pier, flying a kite and eating some frozen yogurt at the Red cup.

The main scripture passage I used was from Ecclesiastes 3:11, which says " He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end." 

From this, I explained a little bit about why this leads us to do the stupid things we do to sabotage our own lives. extra points to you if you can figure that one out without a little explanation.

Many people I know wonder why we need new Churches. If you look around, you see that it seems you can find a Church wherever you look. If people wanted to go, they could just drive down the street. I, on the other hand, am a fan of new Churches. The Barna Group (guys who research this stuff) says that only around 30% of twenty somethings and 40% of 30 somethings attend Church. While not everyone believes as I do, I strongly believe that being involved in a Church helps a person in many areas of their personal life and gives them a venue to contribute more to society.

New Churches, like The Station Church, are finding ways to build community and present the teaching of scripture in a way that is uncompromising and relevant to young people in their region. And, nearly every week, they have people who make a commitment to following Jesus for the first time.

So, remember your local Church Planter as they work to introduce some people to Jesus and build community out of some previously disconnected people. If you don't know any local ones, feel free to encourage, support and pray for Pastor Josh at The Station Church. He is awesome!


Andy Allen said...

Thanks for being out here James Allerton! I've decided that you've officially reached the single-name status as well.

Love to your family!

Nichole said...

ok. couldnt figure it out and entirely wanting to hear a message based on the scripture. bet it was a good one.