Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Colors

We usually only put our flag out on special patriotic days. But I decided to put it up today.

 I know that many will point to our countries many flaws and mistakes and say that we should not celebrate this flag. I take a different view.

If not for the ideals that our flag represents, the constitution our founders created and the vision that our country holds close we may not even notice those flaws. Without the standard, we wouldn't have something to reach for, and something to compare ourselves to when we don't measure up.

And, without the sacrifices that so many have made on our behalf, we would not be able to fly our flag so freely.

I was spending a little time today listening to Mark Greenblatt talking about Valor. He recently wrote a book of that name to celebrate some of the unsung heroes from our recent wars. So many incredible sacrifices have been made in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Greenblatt wanted to highlight a few of them in order to represent the many.

Jump over here to quickly read a couple of extraordinary stories of some of those who have sacrificed for us. He even has a page where you can email some of these guys and thank them for what they have done.


Today, in honor of these heroes, and many like them, I will fly my flag.

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