Sunday, June 1, 2014

Too Old

A recent episode of the TV Spy Comedy Chuck (, taught me that old people are scary.

Since we have brought a 5 year old into our house for a not necessarily defined period of time, I have realized that I am, indeed, getting old.

Here are some things I am now too old for:

- I am too old to go back in the military. Unless the president specifically requests me, or something like that.
- I am too old to take a federal Law Enforcement job. I don't really want one, but it is kinda fun to say, "I could always just go join the FBI.
- I am too old to be in High School. Until recently, I even had dreams about forgetting my locker and that sort of thing. Now I am even too old to have dreams about that. Fortunately, I already graduated. I know, I have graduated college, but I still go look at my High Schhool Diploma from time to time just to make sure.
- I am too old to care about certain things that I once thought were important. And that could be a good thing.

Hope I didn't scare you.

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