Sunday, June 29, 2014

Not all the mighty are warriors

I was looking for a picture of one of my friends that just passed away, and I was unable to find much in the way of pictures of her by herself. I was getting a little frustrated by that, then I realized that the reason for this was that people enjoyed her company.

I remember her from High School...well, she didn't go to our school, she lived a town or two over, but everyone came to visit our town. We were the grand mecca of the entire southwestern Nebraska.

She was the sort of girl that would also have a smile, always have something nice to say, would always welcome a visit and would always be glad to throw a scowl when you were being an idiot. In short, she was one of those people that made life seem a little better after you had spent some time with them.

I suppose I haven't seen her for right around 25 years. But she was still close friends with some of my friends and they said some of the same sorts of things about her that I remembered about her.

Here is a brief and wholly inadequate tribute, but I hope you understand what I am trying to express. She was a person the world needs, but now she is gone:

How the mighty have fallen
and the weapons of war have perished.
2 Samuel 1

Not all the mighty are warriors
Sometimes the most powerful thing a person can do, the most powerful weapon they have, is to bring a smile to someone else's face.

Not all the great feats are things that are done in the heat of battle
Sometimes the things that last the longest happen on a summer night when a few friends help each other get through some tough times.

Not everything that makes an impact for eternity is something that we can see.
Sometimes the things that last the longest are the way we cheered someone else, or boosted someone's confidence or maybe the most glorious thing we do is the way we welcome someone into our home.

Not all the mighty are warriors
Sometimes the mightiest people, those that make the most difference,
 are our friends

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