Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things not to do when you visit

We are out of town right now, so I am probably safe sharing this tale. In case you come to visit us, it will also help you know how you should not behave in certain parts of our city.

There is a movie set/tourist old west town that is near our town, and went I was first stationed here, I made a point to visit.

My buddy Dave and I went there and discovered that you could get Old West style cap guns in the gift shop. What could be more fun than running around an old west town shooting cap guns at one another?

We took them with us when we rode the stagecoach and when the train came around the bend, naturally, we opened fire. I guess the mules weren't used to gun fire, and they started to run. We thought it was just the most fun part of the ride, until the cowboy driving the thing got them stopped and started shouting at us.


- They really should train their mules to be more comfortable around gunfire.  Its Arizona. Everyone has guns.

- They seemed to have rethought the whole cap gun sales thing. It wasn't long thereafter that they could no longer be found at the gift shop.

- The stagecoach is more fun when it is going fast, but, according to the angry cowboy, it is not as safe.

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Dale Sickels said...

Hilarious! Thanks for sharing the random story.