Sunday, November 30, 2014

A few thoughts from Ferguson

Since my blog tag line claims to intersect with community and culture, I feel compelled to touch on one of the events that has been foremost in our awareness as a culture and has brought our nation together in the opportunity and desire to share our uninformed and angry opinions with one another; The events in Ferguson.

Here are my thoughts:

I  am very tired of  people who have never been involved in a violent encounter commenting on how one should behave in and react to such an encounter.

I  am very tired of people who have no idea about common investigation best practices and procedures commenting on the investigation of the shooting.

I  am very tired of  people who have no understanding of or experience with the prosecutorial process commenting on the "unfairness" of this one.

And, I suppose those who have had first hand experience with discrimination based on race, or some other physically or cultural trait, are tired of those who have not experienced this commenting on racial or cultural relations.

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