Monday, November 3, 2014

A Hallowed Halloween Tradition

"I dont think I should be compelled to spend a small fortune on candy for children I don't even know when I don't even give my own children candy...Do I!"

The preceding is a direct quote from my wife, Diane, when I told her I was going to post about our Halloween tradition.

We have, for years, had traditions revolving around our family celebrations of Christmas, Thanksgiving...all the big ones, really. It has only been in the past few years that we have begun to develop a solid Halloween tradition.

It all started with the feeling that Diane expressed in the above quote. So, we started turning out the lights and hiding from the few children that braved our cul-de-sac. Apparently the lights out on the porch code means that kids can expect nothing from the grumpy people in this house. And, the tradition has evolved into what we have done the past few years.

This year, Diane's parents, Shevannah and Ivan and Rebekah came over, and we also had all the kids except Emily. They all clandestinely slipped into the backyard with us just before dark and we doused the lights to show those hoodlums that we would not be participating in their pagan rituals and processed sugar fests.

Diane made up some delicious Chili and puts together some spiced apple cider for us to sip while we watch a movie. She started off the evening by letting us know that she was the Halloween Grinch and, again, she doesn't want to give out candy and compromise the immune systems of complete strangers, then we dove in to our evening,

This time, we took in an old family favorite, Arsenic and Old Lace. The best part of that is, it all happens on Halloween.

After the show, we lit up a fire and everyone hung out and chatted for a good bit, because its not as much fun if you don't get to talk about what's what.

As it turns out, I was the only one in costume, but we still enjoyed. Maybe you can come join us sometime as we boycott a holiday and make a fun tradition.

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