Sunday, November 9, 2014

Not getting along

I recently heard that 90% of our problems and inability to succeed in the workplace come from not getting along with others. With that in mind, let me know how far you think this guy will get:

I was recently visiting and office downtown and, as I was waiting, a few of the ladies brought a birthday cake over to another young lady in a cubicle and sang her Happy Birthday.It seemed like a nice gesture for someone that was working on their birthday.

A few minutes later, another worker came to the area where I was waiting and starting complaining to the cube dwellers in that area.

"How can anyone get any work done with all that singing going on? I come here to work, not to eat birthday cake and celebrate birthdays!"

I asked him if someone had their birthday forgotten this year. Instead of leading him to brokenheartedly confess that he really just wanted to know he was special too, he instead said that he never told anyone about HIS birthday and he sure didn't want to spend valuable work time singing about it.

Yes, I am sure he is a dedicated employee and looking out for the institutions best interest, but I am concerned about his ability to get ahead.

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