Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ashley Brings the 411

Back in the glory days, we used to get together fairly regularly at Jason and Nichole's house for "Game Night". We would play the latest games, eat the worst tastiest food, argue over rules, sing songs and generally have a good time.

Now, when we are hanging out with friends, we whip out the smart phone whenever we need the answers to any obscure pop culture trivia from the 80's, the third line of our favorite song from when we were nine, or what music videos looked like 'back then'. But, This was back in the day before our cell phones could pull up IMDB or youtube in just a couple of seconds.

And we were stuck.

Just what was the lyrics to the opening song on "Family Ties"?

I'm not sure why anyone cared, but we had to know. Finally, I did the only sensible thing. I called 411 for information.

Ashley, the male, took our call. He knew the lyrics, and happily provided them to us. He wouldn't sing it, but we were able to get that going ourselves.

The next time we had a similar question, I called again. I also found out that they don't like you to call and ask for specific operators when you call for information.

Here's the theme song of Family Ties for you, in case you were wondering:

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