Monday, February 22, 2010


I just added a new blog posting to my blogroll, the ashcraft family. The ashcraft family is the blog of our good friend Brea and her new family. Brea was an integral and enjoyable part of our church family at SouthPort Community Church, the Church we started in West Sacramento. She now lives in Boston, runs her own business and is a newlywed, recently joining the Ashcraft clan.

I also added some more responsibility to my life. I have been thinking and praying about returning to a ministry role and I was invited to help out with the Children's ministries at our church here in Tucson. I will be responsible for developing the leaders, putting together schedules, working with the kids and whatever else goes with it. For those of you that pray, please remember me in your prayers as I take on this challenge.

Note: The Ashcraft Family blog also features Nathan, Brea's husband. Didn't want to leave him out.

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