Sunday, February 14, 2010

If I was a poet, you wouldn't know it

Happy Valentine's Day!

In the anguished tradition of elementary schools everywhere, I decided to hand make some Valentine's Day cards for our children. Here is what I wrote:

For Abigail:

Roses are red, violets are blue
And today is Valentine's, this much is true
But it wouldn't be the same, if you weren't around
We probably would all
just sit here and frown

For Emily:

There was once a girl that lived all alone.
She had no family or friends of her own.

While she kept busy, doing this and that
She had no-one at all,
not even a cat.

You have probably realized
this story isn't true
And we are sure glad
this girl isn't you.

You are loved

For Ethan:

Far across the sea there is a small island.
On that island is a castle.
They say that this castle has more treasure than most people can imagine,
and the king and queen use it to buy anything they could ever think of.
That king and queen aren't nearly as happy as we are.
Because we have you!

These cards were, of course, all self illustrated. Soon to be worth a fortune, I am sure.

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