Friday, April 16, 2010

Continuing the Week of Remembrance

This wraps up the Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust. I hope you took a few moments this week to reflect on the horrors that were visited upon the Jewish Nation, and many others, during those days.

Part of our Days of Remembrance this year included attending the Night to Honor Israel at the U of A Campus put on by the U of A chapter of CUFI.

The Opening remarks were by Tim Bee and the keynote speaker of the evening was Dennis Prager.

A couple of remarks that struck me. Dennis Prager commented on how many of the Arab Nations would much rather see Israel destroyed than they would want to see a Palestinian state formed, which they have stated and demonstrated.

Another man, who works on behalf of Israel in some capacity, which I didn't really catch because I was no longer focusing by the time he got up to say something, said he is called to the campus to make statements and such whenever someone is protesting Israel. He said he gets called there often. But, he said, this is the first time he has been called to the campus because someone wanted to honor Israel.

One of the people talking remarked that the surprising thing about this event was that it was put on entirely by the students. They really did an excellent job of bringing together the speakers and such, but they did have a bit of trouble running the reservation table.

One couple, who was obviously infinitely patient and understanding, after having stood in line for quite some time, were shown to their table. When they arrived at their table, they started to sit down. The looks on the faces of the other people would make you think that this couple was drowning cats right in front of them.

Finally, someone said that oh, someone else is already sitting there. That would explain whay the salad had already been tossled and the cake had a bite out of it. So, this couple went back to the registration table, where half of the scurrying registrars began scurrying around on their behalf and made them stand at the front while they went and chased away they people who were already sitting in this fine couple's spot.

Reluctantly, the two went back to the table and enjoyed the rest of the evening.
I heard they even made some new friends (at least on Facebook) and may even return next year.

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