Sunday, April 18, 2010

Raffi Paloulian

With what seems like an unusual spike in earthquakes in recent weeks, I have heard different theories on why this might be happening.

Some, like Danny Glover, would say that because we are not being nice to Mother Earth, we get shook up. Others say that it is a sign that The End is near.

I was watching Conspiracy Theory last night, and I am kind of in favor of a theory put forward in that movie. The President was due to be in Turkey and the Space Shuttle was going to aim a beam at the earth and shake it up, in hopes of killing the President. I also saw on the news last night that the shuttle Columbia has been up there and docking at the International Space Station. Perhaps........

The reality is that the Earth is broken and it will come to and end. Whether or not that will happen in our lifetime, no-one knows.

Here is the USGS site
that lists all the recent earthquakes and Raffi Paloulian is the name the Mel Gibson's character has on his cab driver's license. I think he is also someone who worked on the film as a grip.

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