Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Movies of Remembrance

Sometimes motion pictures help us remember things that we otherwise might not think about. With that in mind, and this being the "Days of Remembrance" regarding the Holocaust, here's a few "holocaust" movies that I would most want to watch.

The Hiding Place I suppose I have to admit that I don't actually remember this movie, but Corrie ten Boom's story first introduced me to the idea of the holocaust. I do remember reading the book (first in comic book form, then the real book), and it was shocking to my young self.

Uprising At first it was a little strange seeing Kamunrah, the evil Pharoah from Night at the Museum II (Hank Azaria) together with Ross from Friends (David Schwimmer) and Joan of Arc (Leelee Sobieski) in the Warsaw Ghetto, but this made for TV production did a great job of capturing the story of the despair and anguish that led to the knowingly futile but surprisingly effective uprising against the nazis. Great cast and great story.

The Pianist
Another story from the Warsaw Ghetto. This one focuses on the life of Wladyslaw Szpilman during this time. This excellent work movingly depicts Szpilman moving from shock to a mind numbing agony to a sort of redemption after being helped by a German officer as the evil progresses and he loses more and more of what made up his life up til then. Diane and I first saw this at the Tower Theater in Sacramento. An excellent venue for this one.

Defiance This one tells the true story of the Bielski's and their fight to survive in the forests of Belarus. As word of their exploits grow, more Jewish people come to join them and the struggle grows to a struggle to build and feed a community in very trying times.

Honorable Mentions

Life is Beautiful Diane really likes this one, so I will give it honorable mention. This Italian film deals with an Italian Jewish Family and how they survive the concentration camp.

Schindler's List
Everyone knows Schindler's List. I have to mention Schindler's List.

Want to know about more holocaust films? Here is a list on wikipedia.

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