Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Historical Frustration

"Are these the men with whom I am to defend America!?!"
George Washington

Ever been a little frustrated with the people you have to work with or the situations you find yourself in? I know that, from time to time, even I get that way.

If you have ever felt that way, you are in some good company. George Washington was there in 1776 when he was battling for Manhattan. As the New York Militia faced off against the Hessians (the storied German mercenaries) and the famous Scott's Highlanders, they broke and ran. Washington even rode towards the line himself and tried in vain to rally his men.

Finally, in anger and frustration, he threw his hat on the ground and cried out, "Are these the men with whom I am to defend America!?!" After that, he had to be dragged away by his aides as he waited alone, on horseback, for the oncoming enemy.

we are dissappointed with what we have been given to accomplish the job that we have before us. But sometimes we are being a little too hasty. Washington's men went on to endure the winter at Valley Forge and numerous victories in the time to come. Maybe you what you have to work with isn't as bad as you think. While your army may not yet be able to crush the world's top light infantry, they have some other things going for them.

Or, perhaps you are focusing on the negatives a little too much. While the Continental Army was retreating, a meager force of 250 Marylanders covered the retreat by attacking Cornwallis' main army. Naming these men
"The Old Line," Washington remarked, "Good God, what brave fellows I must lose this day."

Remember, even when things look like they are going nowhere with the people and situations you are faced with, all is not lost until all is lost.

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