Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday with Jay

I took a couple of buddies from work to the Good Friday Breakfast this morning. The speaker this year was Jay Dobyns, the guy who went undercover with the ATF to infiltrate the Hell's Angels.

Jay shared some stories and advised that we avoid some of the mistakes he made. A couple of those mistakes were coming to the realization that he had put his relationship with God on the back-burner (which came when he was spurting blood onto the ground from a bullet hole) and realizing that he had neglected his family, friends and peers in pursuit of his mission, leaving a wake of destruction behind him.

He also shared about his life-changing involvement with Heartbeat for Africa, so my post would be remiss if I didn't encourage you to check them out here.

So, while none of us stood up when they tried to get all the cops and prior military to stand up and be prayed at, we still enjoyed the breakfast and were encouraged and challenged by Jay's message.

Thanks for joining us Jay!

And here is a video intro to his book, No Angel.......

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