Monday, July 12, 2010

Don't try this at home.

On our trip today, Diane was kind enough to drive for awhile, so did some reading in between Las Vegas and Truth or Consequences, both in New Mexico.

One of the selections I took in was from the book of 1st Samuel in the Old Testament.

Chapter 28 verses 7-20 has a particularly odd account of how Saul, the King, is so concerned about an upcoming battle that he sneaks off to see the local witch to get some news. Of course, God has prohibited his followers from looking to witchcraft, divination, etc., but Saul's favorite prophet had died and he had already shown on more than one occasion that he wasn't all that concerned with what God wanted.

So, he asks the witch to conjure up the spirit of the prophet Samuel and she starts doing her rattling, shaking, chanting thing or whatever she usually does when someone asks to talk with a dearly departed grandma or whomever.

The weird thing is, Samuel shows up and starts getting on Saul's case for bothering him in his eternal reward.

Does that not seem weird to you? Can witches really bring up the spirit of your dead loved ones, or trusted advisers or whomever?

When Samuel does show up, the witch seems genuinely surprised, so maybe that gives us some insight into her confidence in her own ability to actually talk to people on the other side of the curtain.

In case you are misreading my post, I do know you should not get involved with witchcraft......just thought I would throw that out for you.

If you want a more biblical answer beyond my thought provoking intro to the story, check this out:

Did the witch of Endor really summon Samuel from the dead (1 Samuel 28:7-20)?

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Nichole said...

What an interesting story. My first thought was about what an idiot Saul was. "God has deserted me so I will hide myself and consult a witch to see if I can talk with someone hanging out with God". Truly bizarre logic. But then I thought of how many times I have my own bizarre logic, and consult everyone instead of God. Hmm. Thanks for the insight.