Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Ringing Endorsement

The news coverage is especially loud today on the much covered SB-1070 law in Arizona since a federal judge has issued an injunction on some of the provisions of the law.

We also have seen that people have many different views of the law. Some believe it is racist and discriminatory, some believe that is it necessary since the federal government is obviously letting us down in enforcing federal immigration law.

Our county sheriff has expressed his opinion that the law is unnecessary since our department is already doing all it can in regards to this matter and routinely has, and continues to, turn over suspected illegal immigrants to Border Patrol. A practice which would not be affected whether this law is in place or not, and the law might add additional burdens and liability to the law enforcement community and the county.

While Diane and I were on 4th Avenue yesterday, we heard a ringing endorsement for the new law.

A group (when I say group, I mean a knot of six or seven people) were marching down the sidewalk carrying a banner that read "We are all illegal" and something about how SB1070 was racist. A girl in front was shouting into a bullhorn about how we should have "no more nations, no more banks" and, I am not sure, but I think it was followed by "no more teachers dirty looks" or something like that.

We were then approached by the "protesters". My personal representative was a young guy explaining how there was to be a rally at the Main Library and I could come to hear about the racist new law and how I could help defeat it. Diane's was a young lady that she described as so "cute and earnest," as she let Diane know about the rally and told her she could come to the rally too. Awwww, how sweet.

Looking at the literature and listening to their description of the rally, we saw that Travis Morales, the almost-famous communist agitator would be the keynote speaker at the rally.

When I call him communist, you may think I am using hyperbole to make my point. But, alas, no. Travis Morales is a real-live, sort of well known supporter and rabble-rouser with the Revolutionary Communist Party.

If the communists (the same people who brought us gulags and mass executions that rival, and probably surpass the Nazis, for those that don't agree with their views, the destruction of free markets, the Berlin Wall, massive corruption, widespread poverty, etc.) are opposed to this new law, then it seems to be a ringing endorsement for the law.

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Jennifer said...

Gosh you've got to love those communists!